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corys breeding in a small space?


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I am thinking of using one of my minifish breeding compartments to house my pair of peppered cories to see if I can get some fertilised eggs.

The compartment has small gravel on the bottom, any amount of moss that is helpful for them, and is about 22cm high, deep & wide. Do you think it's too small for them to go on a lovers retreat for a week or 2? If it's too small I'll flag the idea. I just thought I'd give it a go while it's empty.

This is an example of the setting, only not this exact tank. I could either give them the side with the sponge filter or the airstone.


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I would put them on the side where they can get right under the current - they love to swim in a real gush of water and I found if I water changed and left the water level low enough so it was like a waterfall my sterbai spawned more often.

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When I was breeding heaps of angels in a previous life I used to spawn a group of corries in a bare tank and when the fry were free swimming add a batch of free swiming angels and the corries make realy good cleaners of excess food from the bottom and they sell better than snails.

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