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Breeding King tiger plecos L066?


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I have a spare 110L (760x380x380) tank sitting around and was wondering if,

1. That's big enough to breed L066's in,

2. There isn't over supply of L066's

I have a male already in my main tank who is nice and healthy, So it would just be sourcing a suitable female and getting the tank up and running.

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Are L066 pair breeders or group breeders? I would think a tank that size would be fine Crunch and I am pretty sure there isn't an over supply of them, my LFS never has any "fancy" plecs for sale anyway.

Just make sure you have a lot of filtration and wood for them, as with all plecs they produce a lot of waste and can quite quickly foul the water they are living in if left under maintained.

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My pair spawned in a 60x40x40 which I was told would be too small :roll:

After 12 hours after introducing the female they spawned. Lots of tannins in the water, no substrate, bamboo cave, lots of novotab.

The last few times they spawned (after moving to a larger tank and introducing a second pair) they used easter island heads

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