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Breeding Leopard Danios


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One of my good friends closed down his tank and in doing so I have inherited a few of Leopard Danios (2 female 1 male). So I’ve decided to give breeding them a go…

I’ve setup a 30L tank filled with water upto about halfway, halfway down from that I have added an aluminium fly net screen to stop them getting at the egg once they have dropped. The heater is set to 24c at the moment, running a sponge filter. I added both danios last night into the tank, hoping that in the morning I would find some eggs (haha wishful thinking)

Any advice would be great!



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a bit smaller than ram eggs, should go through though some may stick to the top of it.

I find it easier to put the parents in a wide mesh net (small enough to hold them though) with a couple of marbles in the bottom to hold the bottom down.

when they have laid then its as easy as picking up the net and putting them into their other home.

don't forget to feed up the females heaps before hand as well

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Cool, are the eggs easy to see? Second day today and still no eggs :(

As far as conditioning goes, would it be best to keep the male and the females separate, feed them up then put them all together? Or, is it ok just to feed them in the breeding tank all together and wait?

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imo its best to seperate the females and feed them untill they look obese, losta live foods and high quality dry foods.

eggs are kinda hard to see if you've never seen them before, less than 1mm across and clear.

I avoid all feeding in the breeding tank as any uneaten food can promote fungus which will decimate your eggs.

if they haven't popped in 3-4 days, best to start again

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they should be opaque bro

i managed to get mine to spawn real easy but the eggs would always go white. had 5 females 2 males. used to

put them in a place were the tank will get direct morning sun and id turn the heater off at night and tey would spawn the next morning

Might just be the female just dropping all of her eggs then :(

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