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Panda Corydora sterile?


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Hi peeps :wave:

I have a couple of Panda Corys that breed pretty much every two weeks. I see them do the famous T position yet i cant hatch the eggs. They just stay see through and never seem to tan. 7 days later they are just the same.

Has anyone else on here had the same problem? wondering if one or both of my little cool cats is/are sterile.

They have been breeding for a good few months now.

Any advice would be greatly apprieciated. Would love to raise some corykittens from them.

Thanks Guys


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how are you removing the eggs from the tank?, incubation rate for panda's is approx 3 days at 24-26 degrees.

do they fungus?.

other possibility is the exporter may have dosed them with hormones to prevent breeding making them sterile.

They generally lay in my java moss so i just pull i clump out and airate it well in a separate container with a airstone in the same water and same temp. Temp is 24/25ish. They only fungus after 5 days and dont fungus at all if i meth blue them. They fungus straight away if i dont airate them.

I dont treat my water with chemicals either so it cant be that.

Its such a shame if it is the importer dosing them. poor little bleighters :(

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are they young/old? also what's your water like? if it's too hard for example it can prevent them from fertilising/hatching. temp?

I have had them about 8 months or so and they have been laying for me for about 5 months or so and getting more frequent. They are prob maybe 4.5cm long from tail to head. They are not as chunky as my other corys.

mmm im unsure about my hardness of water. I dont have a test for that. My silvertip tetras spawn in my tank so i imagine from reading that its soft water??? at a guess!! I might be wrong.

Ph is 7 and temp is always steady about 25. Nitrates, ammonia and whatnot are perfect.

I do have other tanks availiable, Im wondering if i should set another one up as i have a bag of aquarium peat to maybe assist the water to get softer conditions. Do you think this may be one of the reasons? It would be great if its that simple.

Thanks for your speedy replies

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yeah it's worth a shot. you're doing everything else right. where abouts are you?

Just in Matua, Tauranga

They are doing it every week now so fingers crossed they will get it right one day.

I have looked in the shops and everyone is sellig real small ones so might wait a bit and see what i can find.

Might try and convince sterbai to spawn to pass the time :spop:


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