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urgent help please


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One of our leopard geckos tail is looking like it is dying,the gecko itself is still very active but we dont want it to spread. It has only been in the last couple of days that this has happened. what do we do? any advice is better than nothing

Thanks Jamie

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so long as tail is not a bacterial infection from a scrape

it may be just left to dry out

some questions

how did it start?

was it looking like a graze to start with?

any signs of damage at start of die off?

skin ring left after shed constricting tail?

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It looks like a shedding problem may have started it but can't be certain. There appears to be a little bit of dried blood also. It is black and very dry and shriveled. About an inch of the tail, but looks to be spreading. looks pretty dead.

We thought the safest would be for her to drop it, but she wont let it go!

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Theres a little bit of red on one side but not the whole way around.

You can see the red, very blurry, in the first photo

I checked her an hour ago and she was still doing ok. She is still very active and feisty. Just the tail dying and a bit skinny.

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