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  1. Ive had marine fish shipped from them to chch. And about to get more. They are fantastic.
  2. Bobyn

    Fish photos

    Great photography!
  3. They put him in a container with a bag taped around it with oxygen in the bag before taping it closed. It seemed to work well and he arrived safely so they really went the extra mile to make sure he would get to me ok!
  4. Just thought Id let people know about the great service I had from Hollywood Fish Farm Mt Roskill. So often we complain about negative things. So I thought Id share how great these guys were to me. They went the extra mile to ship a particularly aggressive fish who was chewing through fish bags!
  5. I have just been informed that people have been going into Hollywoods saying it was them that did this. Id just like to make it very clear that it was NOT Hollywoods. I have had nothing but great service from the guys at Hollywoods and their shipping to Chch has always been on time and well packaged. If people are really concerned feel free to pm me but I cant post who it was on a public forum. Thanks for the advice from everyone.
  6. It isa shame they do seem to get fish no one else has available. I was going to order some other fish off him but am very hesitant now.
  7. No problem with the courier.It is a Dalmation Puffer
  8. I dont really want to name them. But it seems they are not willing to accept anything was wrong
  9. My friend bought a fish from a well known shop in the NI and paid $35 for shipping to Chch. It arrived with only a bag of water to keep it warm rather than a heat pack and absolutely covered in white spot. The water the fish was in and the other bag of water were stone cold. When we called the store they said that is how they ship fish always and there are no garantees. However the bag water and the fish water are of course going to cool at the same rate. I understand shipping live fish is at buyers risk but I feel a heat pack should have been used and am pretty sure was included in the cost of shipping, as she bought another fish from a different store and paid the same shipping and it arrived with a heat pack. It looks like after 2 weeks of treatment the fish is going to die and it was very expensive. Is there anything we can do as we believe the fish got ill as a result of the water being too cold? And how does everyone treat white spot in marines?
  10. Just an update - the geckos tail dried up and fell off by itself! All looks ok, the gecko is still active and happy. Not sure if the part of the tail will regrow or not though. Thanks for everyones advice
  11. Would an iodine tincture help to stop it or do I still need the tail off?
  12. Thanks Reptilenutt. Do you have photos of what the tail looked like before it dropped off?
  13. Theres a little bit of red on one side but not the whole way around. You can see the red, very blurry, in the first photo I checked her an hour ago and she was still doing ok. She is still very active and feisty. Just the tail dying and a bit skinny.
  14. I use the browny one from bunnings. Looks like sand rather than grass.
  15. If it happens again, Im pretty sure its the button on the auto gear stick, king of like over drive in other cars. I did the same thing in my Mums mazda roadster, took me ages to figure it out.
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