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how to breed geophagus?


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have recently purchased a breeding pair of Geo's they have a nice big tank and if ive got it right the female (long flowy fins) keeps picking on the male (shorter fins) so sepereated them for a week and feed the male up on blood worms ox heart spiralina tablets and flake food and was full of beans again after introducing the female he went all shy again and hid in the corner.... i have a blue LED light set up to view in the dark and he comes out after a while fans about the place and gets put back in his place. im not sure that this is all right and beginning to think they arnt a breeding pair.she has made a complete mess of the tank up rooting plants moving substrate all over the show and her bottom fins have got realy realy long. they also keep a breeding pair of angles at the other end of the tank.

hope some one can shed some light on these silly buggers and help with some infomation.

thanks heaps

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I assume you have G. altifrons.

Firstly, you have the sexes muddled.

It is the male who is the one with the long fins. Where did you purchase these as a "breeding Pair"?

The smaller rounded fin one is the female unless it is a subordinate male who is being pestered by the male and is hiding.

Geos dig so get used to it. They wont stop, only get more busy.

How big is the tank?

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Yep as Simon says you got the sexes mixed up..

They sound exactly like the pair I have.. They have spawned several times and had free swimming fry but then suddenly ate them..

The male to female violence got very bad though so had to separate them with a divider.. I can no longer have them together or he will destroy her (they still do the spawning through the divider on a rock though)

I am starting to realise that these fish can not often be kept as "a pair". True they will stay together as a pair but if they are not kept with other fish of their own kind that they can direct the aggresion agaist he will direct it at her and she will probably end up dead.

Sorry to spoil your fun there mate, hope your pair is different. Good luck!

Oh yeah and don't bother with the aquascaping.. they will do it for you! :slfg:

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