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Yellow Black-eyed bristlenose plecs


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I know there is another post about these cool fish but,

Kim (or someone) can you give us a run-down of the process involved in breeding/raising them,I know of someone who has a breeding pair, but they dont seem to get any, or many fry that survive......are they a bit trickier than common bristlenose plecs to breed/care for?

Thanks for any help on this issue....


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Hey Chris,

I have a breeding pair of these, but I am having real trouble raising the fry. They don't seem to hard to get to spawn, but the fry seem to be much harder to raise than Common Bristle-noses.

I keep my pair in a small breeding tank with a few bits of drift wood, a big bunch of Java Fern and half a cocnut shell in which they spawn. I have a old power head type thing that I have modified into a filter, which does appox. 300 litres an hour. My pair seem to spawn every 25 days and they lay around 30 eggs or so.

I think the problem with my fry is that I have been leaving them in the spawning tank. Next time I will move them into my Common Bristle-noes grow out tank and see if I get better results.

Kim should be able to give you some good advice for raising the fry.

Cheers, CatBrat.

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yes they are hard but touch wood i havent lost a batch yet.

i am writing my info down for the aquarium world mag so if you are a member of a club you will get a full run down of how i have breed so many.

if not join a club or you can buy the mag .

first off catbrat come over and see how i have my tanks set up, i have eggs that will be hatching today.

-water temp about 25-26

-ph 6.5-7.1

-good water flow in tank , i have a power filter and a filer oh and an under gravel filter in my tank.

-i use jbl discus cone for breeding mine in , i put some gravel in and they love it.

-feed them well i use jbl plecochips

-small water changes often , every few days, but i use water from my plant tank when i put the new water in

that should get them breeding when they have breed get back to me and i will tell you how to grow the babies up

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CatBrat im working sat and sunday this weekend 9am to 12.30 come an have a look at my set up.

i have been playing around with set ups and i know why you have been losing your babies, i set up a tank and put some babies in the tank and i lost 4 of them in a few days , i never lose them the other way i have them set up, so i have put a breeding box inside the tank with the babies as i think they need food in front of them all the time or they starve, i have food in the tank 24hrs a day and do lots of water changes

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Hi Liana, are they gold b/nose or normal? normals have a much better survival rate and easier to raise.

Depends on what other fish you have in the tank as my normals spawned in my community tank but all the fry were eaten by loaches and angels, a mate has had some survive (with plenty of hiding places) in his community tank with guppies and swordstails but i think thats because the swords couldn't get at the fry.

If you want b/nose fry wait till there are eggs then transfer them to another tank with just the male and the eggs, once thay are a month or two old they will have a much better chance of surviving other fish.

They must have some form of wood in their diet (either driftwood or plecochips which have 10% wood in them) and the driftwood makes an ideal hiding place.

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I still have a pair left (i lost 1 male and 2 females tho due to my own fault :oops:). I haven't had any luck with breeding them yet, but in the last 2 months or so I haven't really had much time to do anything with my fish. They were looking close to a spawn then (females looking very gravid, male fanning in cave, and the females trying to get in with him), but i didn't get a spawn.

Have you had any luck with yours?

Cheers, CatBrat.

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