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Electric Blue Rams


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Any one else had any luck with these???

It looks like all but about 10-15 eggs from our first laying have hatched. This is the first fish that i have come across where mum and dad are moving the fungused eggs around with the wrigglers :lol:

Another thing i have noticed, that the wrigglers are alot smaller than normal blue ram fry. Ive got fingers crossed that they will take BBS straigt away.

Will try and post some pics when i have some time, and when i can get some good shots 8)

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I still have to convince mine to lay eggs! I think I have a male and female but I'm starting to doubt it.

I've been trying to add rainwater with the water changes but so far nothing.

They are happy though and eating quite a bit.

Did you do anything to get yours to breed? How do you find your pair act around each other?

I find that after you hatch a batch of bbs, you can actually put in in the fridge at the end of the day. The bbs die but stay fresh for several days and i've had success with fry eating it. Helps make it easier than constantly trying to hatch them everyday. Don't know if the e.b ram fry will go for it though.

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we dident do anything special to get them to breed. our water here has always been great for small cichlids.

When we got them we put them next to a pair of blue rams with fry (we have a 3 foot tank divided into 3) The female got very aggressive and started looking after the fry threw the glass. once we freed up the end division (about a week) we moved them into there. From then on the male became the aggressor and bullied her for a while. I seen the female getting plump, but she was still getting chased. Once her ovipositor started showing they started acting like a pair and layed (within a day or too)

we now have 3x batches of ram fry (2xblue 1xelectric blue) so hatching bbs is not a problem 8)


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I found my rams are settling in but taking longer to get in the mood.

The female now appears to have an ovipositor and seems to have been fairly plump from the beginning. She has now become more aggressive with the couple of female guppies in the tank and also chases the 'malee' around. The 'male' chases her sometimes but isn't really interested in the other fish. I've kept the guppies in there on purpose to see if the rams get more aggressive towards them...i plan to move them out soon. Since I am new to trying to breed rams I am not sure if they are 'pairing' yet but i'll be sure to keep a close eye on them.

I'm gonna try to post a few pics soon because i would like someone to confirm whether i indeed have a male and female.

What are the most noticeable difference between your pair? My male seems to have much longer pelvic fins, more pointed dorsal/anal tips and body shape is a bit slimmer...but his colours are not as bright as the female's and his 2nd dorsal ray isn't really that long (but maybe because he's still young) so i'm not sure.

Thanks for the info :D

Goodluck with the bubs!

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Time for a update

On Monday the parents started fighting like cats and dogs, both male and female had a portion of the brood in there own corner, and were scrapping every time there paths crossed, there also seemed to be less fry :x We had no other tanks free, so we mixed the electric blue (about 50ish) fry with the blue ram fry that were of the same age. Im a bit gutted about doing it, because i was curious if they were all gonna be electric blue, or if there were going to be throw backs.

On a brighter note, the parents have sorted there stuff out, and look like they may be getting ready to lay again.

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Update time again.

The fry seem to be doing well, still have no idea as to numbers of electric blue. Having the usual deaths (we are better at breeding than growing out :oops: )

The parents weren't looking to well, so we gave them a treatment of furan 2, and it seemed to do the trick 8)



Im hoping the Furan 2 wont effect the fry at all, but i guess time will tell.

Even though we have Blues spawning all the time in our main tank, im only going to try and raise electric blue fry for a while, dont want to have the same problem as last time.

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