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  1. I’ve put him in the below DIY hospital tank: It’s smooth bottomed and he has a heater and I’ve covered it to reduce stress. Do you think this will be ok? I was thinking I could switch out his water everyday since I don’t have another filter. Would this work? He seems more active so far.
  2. Ok thank, we'll try moving him and see if that helps. I think he's a bit stressed, his mouth is constantly opening and closing. I'm not entirely sure if he's eating but i'll move him and see if he's ok.
  3. Ok well it’s a week on and he’s still on his side. He now has a small wound on the side where he’s been lying, I assume that’s from that side scraping on the substrate. He seems a bit more active today and is moving around the tank a little but I don’t know if that’s him getting better or him getting desperate. I guess I’m trying to figure out what a realistic time for him healing would be, or whether I need to bite the bullet and euthanise him?
  4. Yeah he can eat when I drop food near him, but he’s generally staying pretty still. The other fish are all peaceful and leave him alone. I’ll keep an eye on him, thanks.
  5. Yeah he’s very pretty. I’m going to check in on how he’s doing in his new home tomorrow.
  6. Video below. This was not at feeding time or anything, just the snail was in the middle area. On my Vimeo I’ve got the start of this, which is him starting to push it from the other side of the tank. I feel like people will say he’s hungry, but he had a ton of food available all the time. Content vegetables we’d put pleco logs in his cave etc.
  7. Hi Caryl thank you for your reply. Video posted below: He tilts to the same side each time he swims and doesn’t seem to be able to balance. I’ve been feeding him peas and I’ve increased the water temperature as per instructions for constipation on the internet. He’s been like this for about 4 days. Water parameters are all fine. He was being extensively bullied by my Bristlenose as you’ve probably seen in my other post. He had flukes or worms about 6 weeks ago, but I treated them with Praziquantel.
  8. I have a fish that’s essentially lying and swimming on it’s side that looks slightly bent, making me think it’s an air bubble pulling it up, so it sounds like swim bladder issues? It still swims around when it has to, but it’s generally just lying there. I’ve fed it peas the last two days but I was wondering if anybody has experienced this or if there’s anything else I could do to help it apart from feeding the peas? Thanks in advance. I can post videos if anyone needs a look.
  9. Well no it’s more that now the Bristlenose is gone I feel like I should up the numbers in the group, because we only have two. I’m quite new to fishkeeping and I’ve found they’re quite low maintenance.
  10. @Caryl yes I did have driftwood, also cuttlefish for him and the snails to rasp on. Plus a constant stream of vegetables, pellets etc. I actually managed to find a home for him in Newlands yesterday, so hopefully he’s happy there. We cleaned out his cave yesterday and there quite a few empty trumpet snail shells there and the shells looked super deteriorated. I never got footage of him attacking the barbs, but I have a few videos of him smacking around some snails if anyone wants to see them? Thank you for your help everyone.
  11. Thanks for this, can confirm he’s a male. I’ve googled Bristlenose aggression and it seems to be pretty rare. The person we inherited the tank off didn’t know much about looking after him so I think he may have grown up hungry and learned some bad habits or something - that’s my theory but I don’t actually know a lot about fish. I’ve tried buying him a cave, tried every food under the sun, building a barrier in the middle of the tank so he can’t see them etc. It actually really sucks to see him go, but I’m thinking maybe he’s not happy either if he’s acting like this. I’ve tried every fish store in town but nobody will take him.
  12. I had him in isolation but he escaped this morning back into the tank. I have video of him roughing up my mystery snails, but that’s slowed down. I’ll try to get some footage of him with the barbs.
  13. Ok right. I’ve heard you need to soak the new one a bit so it gets the bacteria in it?
  14. It’s only two barbs. They used to steal his food when he was young but as he got older he started hitting back at one of the barbs and that’s escalated to both of them. One is now in shock and barely moving. He would start charging them at meal times and that’s escalated to him roaming the tank and attacking them in their territory. Not much online about Bristlenose aggression but it’s localised entirely to these two barbs, I have a bunch of other fish that he doesn’t seem to care about. Internet said he’s probably hungry but he eats well and I give him a constant stream of food.
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