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  1. Hey all, new soon to be eastern water dragon keeper here, I'm building a 2 meter long plywood paludarium for an eastern water dragon and a Reeves turtle, and I wanted to make it bioactive, which means it needs plants. I'm planning on using portulocaria afra, air bromeliads, maybe some small succulents, and maybe tradescantia. That's the plan anyway. Dunno about underwater plants, but java moss and probably fern are on the lost for sure. Those are all just plants I'm planning to use, just checking to see that they are dragon safe. I know they are all bearded dragon safe, which is a good sign since bearded and eastern dragons live in similar areas of Australia and have similar dietary requirements, despite apparently hating each other. Anyways, any help or advice or just a list of plants you know are safe for eastern water dragons would be hugely appreciated. Cheers. Coë
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