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  1. Have received and forwarded to Treasurer as well. thank you.
  2. I am not sure, if relevant to the problem sorry but i was just reading about them and found this out. Millions of years ago, a small, unremarkable fish called the Mexican tetra started swimming into the caves of eastern Mexico. In the all-encompassing darkness of these limestone caverns, the tetras’ eyes, which take a lot of energy to build and maintain, were useless luxuries. Over several generations, the cave fish lost them entirely. Today, they are born with small eyes that gradually waste away as they get older. The tetras’ eye sockets, however, don’t go to waste; they can use them to store fat. Blind cave fish are stockier than their cousins that live on the surface, and some have fat-filled humps
  3. This is the copy of the photo from Bemjansss.
  4. Hi can email me and I will try and upload picture for you. fionasye@live.com. Also have a look at this and see if any other symptoms fit it. http://www.fishnet.org/sick-fish-chart.htm
  5. Thank you to those clubs who have paid there capitations, it is appreciated. There are still some club capitations outstanding, so can clubs please get these sorted and the member templates filled out please. Send to secretary@fnzas.org.nz
  6. Account 03-0667-0263933-00 secretary@fnzas.org.nz. Please send to here so can forward to Treasurer. Thank you all.
  7. Just a little newsletter to say welcome to the new executive and Committee and a few pictures from our trip to the National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier after our Conference. Thank you Newsletter fnzas bulletin.pdf
  8. Here is the template for clubs to use to fill out for the clubs capitations and they need to be in by the 10th July please, Thank you Capitations-template.xlsx
  9. Hi all here is the agenda and the people standing for positions on the committees, can you please pass along to the appropriate people. If anything needs changing can you let me know, thank you. And the Agenda People standing for positions.pdf Federation of NZ Aquatic Societies Incorporated AGM 2018.pdf
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