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    Look into nature aquariums and planted tanks. Not hard to maintain and way more enjoyment imo.
  2. Hi all Finally got my first nano reef ( 54L ) set up and cycled. Now im looking for some easy corals such as xenia, zoas, kenya tree, hammer. Im happy to pay for coral and shipping. Located in hamilton Thanks (woops posted in wrong section)
  3. Yeah ill put a 10w cool white led that i used for planted tank for now, i will buy a timer tomorrow.
  4. Hi all. Ive managed to buy some live rock from a local guy for cheap. I have yet to setup my tank and am going overseas for a month. The live rock has some corals on it. Mushrooms and a fire coral. I want to try keep those alive. Currently its ina clear tub with some powerheads. I was thinking of leaving it near a window for light. What would be the best thong to do here thanks.
  5. The tank is a 60 x 30 x 30cm rimless. Im planing on putting an acrylic top on it would that be bad regarding oxygenation? il definitely check out ato. Thanks
  6. Hi all im beginning to set up a 60l nano reef after ages of saving. Im on a budget and wondering what is the best combination for water movement and filtration. Im thinking of buying a seachem tidal or aquaclear 70 and using no wavemaker. Im planing on keeping softies maybe euphyllia. is it best to use a larger hob filter without a wave maker or a smaller hob like a 35 and a wavemaker such as jeboa rw-4. ? side question: can you get macroalgae for refugiums in NZ? Thanks for any input
  7. recently made a small pond, looking for floating plants and lilies. happy to pay.
  8. Based in hamilton have couple of handfuls available also looking for low tech plants like crypts, anubias...
  9. As tittle im looking for live foods for my community tank. In hamilton area
  10. Hi Im looking to buy floating plants e.g. frogbit, watter lettuce, duckweed etc... Im also looking for a large tank to raise some discus in. Idm small cracks, chips ect that can be fixed. And anyone know where I could get cheap tank of this size? Thanks have a nice day
  11. Hi all As tittle says im looking to buy those plants. I'm located in hamilton and will pay shipping and cost.
  12. breeding fish is quite commitment I see, so I'm gonna stick to aquascaping for now
  13. I have some dhg for sale, $2 a handful. Grown in pest free environment.
  14. When i feed them they all flock at the food and eat. They swim as normal. The one i think has dropsy is fatter than the other serpaes and the other one has an inflated area around tail and puffy eyes. I have 9 neon tetras and they are eating and behaving as normal. I feed repashy every 3-4 days, the tempreature is 23 C and i do a 50% water change every sunday but recently i skipped a week. I dont have test kits.
  15. another serpae also has dry kinda scaly parts around tail and puffy eyes. Ill try get a picture of him.
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