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  1. recently made a small pond, looking for floating plants and lilies. happy to pay.
  2. Based in hamilton have couple of handfuls available also looking for low tech plants like crypts, anubias...
  3. As tittle im looking for live foods for my community tank. In hamilton area
  4. Hi Im looking to buy floating plants e.g. frogbit, watter lettuce, duckweed etc... Im also looking for a large tank to raise some discus in. Idm small cracks, chips ect that can be fixed. And anyone know where I could get cheap tank of this size? Thanks have a nice day
  5. Hi all As tittle says im looking to buy those plants. I'm located in hamilton and will pay shipping and cost.
  6. breeding fish is quite commitment I see, so I'm gonna stick to aquascaping for now
  7. I have some dhg for sale, $2 a handful. Grown in pest free environment.
  8. When i feed them they all flock at the food and eat. They swim as normal. The one i think has dropsy is fatter than the other serpaes and the other one has an inflated area around tail and puffy eyes. I have 9 neon tetras and they are eating and behaving as normal. I feed repashy every 3-4 days, the tempreature is 23 C and i do a 50% water change every sunday but recently i skipped a week. I dont have test kits.
  9. another serpae also has dry kinda scaly parts around tail and puffy eyes. Ill try get a picture of him.
  10. Thanks for all the info I hope to try something in the future
  11. I am planning on building a 2x24W t5Ho with a suit lie ballast from Amazon will that be sufficient for softies (Around 45Liter tank)
  12. Hi firstly sorry for making so many topics... I am looking for lights to start on a nano reef with soft corals I'm on a really tight budget so I'm keen on DIY to save money...
  13. Since rams are too expensive and too difficult to csre for i am going to buy/ expand on the exciting fish species so I have 2 peppered Cory cats, 4 serpae tetras and 7 neon tetras... Is that over stocked? but before buying fish (3) I need to buy 1.canister filter 2.aquascape and make it look like good AGA entry 3.get more fish... And also buy food/dechlorinator which adds to the cost... And I have an extremely tight budget (being a student) soooo buying fish is probbly gonna take awhile... Thanks:)
  14. Yup they are Ostracods although I've never seen my fish eat them... They just lazily swim around all day
  15. Really nice tank😀 i love the gravel
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