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    Just starting up a new tank after being out of the hobby for a wee while, I'm after different plants for a community tanks, even just clippings that I can grow from. Am in Dunedin , happy to pay post if further away though, thanks
  2. Hi everyone! After a recent unexpected shift to Chirstchurch, myself and my son had to sell and rehome our 3 tropical tanks. We are very much missing having beautiful tropical fish in our lounge. We are after a cheap setup - at least 50 litres , (wouldnt mind going back to a wee few guppies just for now) with all equipment preferably, filter, light and heater etc, if anyone has one to sell? Cheap please if possible, we are on a limited budget - luckily we kept all our cleaning and treatment products though! Also what pet shops are great up here - there are so many! any in-particular we should visit?? Thanks :-)
  3. Hi, I'm not in Auckland but have white worms...have had no trouble with overnight courier if interested
  4. Hi, I can help with a white worm starter...feel free to msg me
  5. Preferably after the red bit have looked into the royal and think we'd be fine with one of them also :-)
  6. Am after a whiptail, I'm in otago but happy to pay shipping :-)
  7. I've just came on to put a wanted post for a whiptail if you would consider selling ?
  8. 2 x filters both rated up to 110l 2x 100w heaters Half plastic bag of black chip flourite Small but bright LED light
  9. Were shipped down from Hff, very cute and inquisitive fish! Mine will not touch flakes at all - flakes fed to the feeder baby guppies that he will not touch either...but he loves his ramshorns and pond snails, goes nuts for live white worms and will get frozen bloodworms a couple times a week. He definitely prefers live food!!
  10. Thank you - I'll look into that!
  11. Am wanting to buy a hood suitable for an aquaone 620t, I don't like my chances but thought I'd chuck it out there. I'm in Dunedin but am happy to pay for shipping as I realize how hard it will be to source one. If anyone has one or knows where I may be able to get one id love to hear from you!!
  12. Or any snails at all, specifically after ramshorns and MTS though :-)
  13. Am after a white worm culture but preferably with amount of compost as what I've been trying isn't working Happy to pay of course!
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