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  1. thanks disgustipated, all seems to be fairly calm in the tank over the last few days. Fred is still chasing everyone around but ive been keeping an eye on all the fish for fin nips etc... nothing spotted yet, he is not picking on the 30cm pleco either. My wife bought a really beautiful Azureus that dwarfs Fred and seems to now be the boss of the tank too
  2. keeping cichlids in a planted tank probably wont go too well for you, they will like to dig a bit
  3. livebearer_breeder im using something similar on my nano these days and having good luck with it. My issues are around not being able to use an automatic timer on getting the blues to come on as nightlights as it's a physical switch but once my big tank is running im going to butcher it and hook up my 12v timer system. Dave, stoked you had such good success with peppermint shrimp..this time around
  4. I did a big tank move around today, put the cichlid tank in the lounge... at the same time all the rocks got shifted about i thought it might be a good time to introduce fred into the tank so the can all establish new places to hide but he still wants to pick on everyone http://instagram.com/p/dEhqLjnUKj/ this is a short video of said behaviour... the fish he is chasing is his own fry... they have been separated for about 7 months though any tips or am I stuck with a grumpy fish
  5. so if the clowns dont like your nem... you should donate it to me bro
  6. Checking the tank before work thismorning i see my peppermint shrimp decided he was too warm and has taken off his jacket His empty shell hanging on the rock Him hiding under a rock
  7. you need this http://www.trademe.co.nz/pets-animals/f ... 585871.htm
  8. being that you have no sump HOB is your best option, the PS1 seems to rate quite well and at that price not a bad option. Have you looked at reviews online for it?
  9. looking good dude, mine are getting bigger too
  10. he wasnt attached just trying to clean it off himself i think
  11. CRAP, i was just gluing frags to my main rock and i think the peppermint shrimp tried to clean the superglue... hope he is ok
  12. lost my bangaii cardinal today, not sure what the story is yet... have just removed him and will be doing a waterchange tonight, will test when I do that. I did score some new frags today though so that semi makes it better... pics tomorrow when they settle and open up
  13. ditto i can only get them to eat frozen misys shrimp
  14. What are you feeding the bangaii?
  15. p.s. some of his last batch of fry are in said main tank and they are not aggressive toward the other fish at all and they are nearly a year old now
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