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  1. The tank has been empty of fish for a couple of weeks so there has been no feeding and has still spread over the substrate it is only covering the stone which are a bronze colour but look black from this stuff. We have over 50 tanks and none of the others have this and they all have good water flow. There are 5 tanks on this sump and this is the only one to have it and also has the stongest flow since it is the first to get the water off the pipe. Will do some research on cyano as we have never had this happen before and have been keeping fish for years. We are going to do a water change but left it before we gave it a good vacuum out so that it would be more evident for the photos.
  2. Hi there, not sure if anyone knows what this is, have been trying to find info on the internet but so far nothing close. Our tank is the first on the sump system and hasn't spread to the other tanks and has been shut off from the rest. Killed off all the guppies and the long fin bristlenoses, plus snails seem to be dieing when on the bottom. Feels like a sludgey texture, is black and within a couple of weeks covered the substrate. Seem to have layer about an inch above, when you put your hand in it stirs it up, maybe like a gas sitting under the water. Ammonia came back stress level, others on the same sump are all safe. Added a whole heap of snails thinking they might eat whatever it is, but seem to hang above the line and other dead on the bottom. here is a link to some photo's http://i1294.photobucket.com/albums/b60 ... d5f19f.jpg http://i1294.photobucket.com/albums/b60 ... 4f61f9.jpg http://i1294.photobucket.com/albums/b60 ... aa96b0.jpg
  3. Pulled another through now with the same treatment, back in the pond as if nothing happen.
  4. We have now treated 3 this year for dropsy, 1st year we have ever had it and has only been with the orandas. 2 of them got it a few months back, treated them inside with epson salts and a little pimafix and feeding them boiled shelled peas, 1 pulled through after about a month of treatment and is now back in the pond outside, the other died. Then a couple of weeks ago another got it, we are trying the same treatment and so far is looking better so fingers crossed.
  5. Would love to get some of these, I already have about 5 but they are all males
  6. Thanks Jasa That would be great, if we get a chance to head over your way before then I well flick you an email and see if you have any available at the time, we were wrapped with the fish we got last time. Many thanks Glenda
  7. Yep and albino bristlenoses seem to be able to tolerate higher temps
  8. We breed a mixture of different types of bristlenoses and commons are usually hardier than albino. Bristlenoses usually don't mind a low ph with some even thriving better around the 5.5. Are there any other symptoms other than losing condition. We feed ours on pleco tabs and also add some cucumber and cooked shelled peas and always have wood in each of the tanks.
  9. We got ours from jasa and got a few females, but they have all died out we think they may have got harrassed to much as there was only a couple of girls and about 20 boys. We picked them up on our way back from Auckland but are not heading back up that way for ages and jasa doesn't courier, pity or I would buy more as I was very happy with the trademe purchase, which was origanally for albino guppies but brought the leopards as well.
  10. We have 5 of us in a large house, using a eco heater for heating and 2 of the childen have vpap "breathing" machines that run all night, we rent a big uninsulated house, so assume that that would all hike it up. I think it was about $350 in summer
  11. We get big sheets of poly from the applience shops, they have large flat sheets from the fridges etc, great for big tanks. We have 20 plus tanks up and running at the mo, 4 of which are 200l plus and have a power bill of around $600 a month during winter so am slowly insolating to cut down costs.
  12. In Napier NZ courier were the only company that would take our live fish, they have aways done a great job with our deliveries and we are wrapped with them :lol:
  13. We got some leopard fish a couple of months back but have ended up with all males, do you know of anyone we could get some females off.
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