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  1. Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated this in such a long time! Unfortunately, there won't be any more updates as Zeus sadly passed away earlier this week, presumably from old age. :tears: I'm now in the process of setting the tank up for a dwarf puffer, which is what the tank was originally for before I fell in love with Zeus. I just need to buy some more plants and set up the snail tank and then I'll be able to get my puffer I'll probably set up another journal for people to follow my progress
  2. Sorry I never updated again. I tried moving the heater, unfortunately this didn't work as the inlet pipe is too close to the glass to allow enough room for the heater I've moved the heater further up to the top, and I am hoping to purchase some plants from Carine or Trademe soon to have them grow and cover up the heater. Any suggestions to what plants would do this job?
  3. Thank you Will try this next waterchange and update with pics after that. T Thanks again.
  4. Thank you! Going to try this now
  5. Thanks. But I don't know anyone with a culture :oops: There is the option of buying on trademe, but TBH I don't want to risk them dying.
  6. Gave Zeus some mosquito larvae yesterday, he absolutely love them! Would recommend anyone with a betta to try them out, they're so fun to watch! Anyone have any comments on the aquascape?
  7. Sorry to be a pain, but do you know how long this will take?
  8. Thank you so much! Going to try that now :thup: :dnc1:
  9. Is there any way to be able to start a daphnia culture from scratch, without a starter? Thanks
  10. I've added some more rocks and created a bit of a cave. Pics.................. "Is this cave for me?" I made a little DIY betta hammock, which Zeus loves! FTS
  11. I've started dosing with flourish twice a week and the plants have really taken off. I had a go at aquascaping, not quite happy with it but I think its okay for a first go..... Before: After: What do you think? What do you like/dislike? Anything you would change? Any general tips would be greatly appreciated P.S. :cr3:
  12. Sorry, completely stupid question, but a masters in what? Thank you for the information! It is very helpful!
  13. No CO2 and the lighting is 11w aquaone sunlight PL bulb that comes with the tank.
  14. Hmm, I guess so. Mind you, I'm still in school so hopefully by the time I get into the job it will be much more advanced and succesful.
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