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  1. One male happily croaking away. Im not interested in breeding. Maybe someone else is. $100 ono
  2. cheers guys, im not really that interested in breeding, just admiring, have work and things to focus on. i was more concerned with longevity and stuff. i do have a 1 and a half y/o male "lutino bell",not sure if thats even desirable for the albino gene pool, but i remember reading that there is a female gender bias so.. if any of the breeders are interested in swapping for a female, but it seems the craze has settled, some awesome geckos being produced though..
  3. i have a basking bulb in me frog tank, keeping it at around 20 degrees, with exotics you keep the temp constant for the the whole year unless you wish to brumate them, and generally once they are older, is this the same for native frogs? give them the winter summer cycle? or just leave it at a happy constant ideal temp? i cant decide... :nilly:
  4. hmmm to iv gone to watery then? i mean if you count all the wood the base of my poor dead bonsai.. and the little turtle dock the rocks it would surely be more land mass than water, i just set it up like this for the simplicity, have a canister filter that turns on for a couple hours a day giving a little waterfall effect...
  5. does anyone know if the frogs prefer to have a blanked out side of a glass tank? hmm i mean if one of the sides should NOT be transparent?
  6. ohk ok. seems about that.. takes me a minute or two to do it manually... thanks
  7. Hey Jason, do you have any idea how much water you put into the tank daily? just wondering as i have some baby ferns out the back but iv never managed to get them to live in a tank before.. atm im misting the tank manually and using roughly a liter... seems a bit too much...
  8. im guessing you meant the false bottom. i just used some fine chicken wire propped up by some flat stones, nothing fancy. not sure how il get the water out when it starts filling up... probably just tip the tank and syphon it out.. hope this is helpfull
  9. yup thought that was it but wasnt going to trust my memory so cheers :bggrn: its on soil, with a false bottom for drainage for the plants so hopefully iv done everything just right and it will slowly evolve like my old frog tank..
  10. set out to make my whistler enclosure "nice and simple" so they couldnt hide from me... didnt end up so simple... :facepalm: any tips on how to get the xmas moss nice and green would be appreciated, cant remember what it was i done with the last one, too long ago..
  11. Hi there I am a student at AUT and am currently working on a project in my Inovation paper. In order to better develop my product and present it to the class and hopefully produce it in reality I need some important feed back from you, the consumer. if you could please take the time to answer a couple simple questions and email or private message me your answers i would be very grateful. Questions are... 1) In keeping reptiles do you find the cost of power to be a problem? 2) if there was a sustainable and efficient way to replace the conventional way of powering your lights, filters, heat lamps ect. How likely on a scale of 1-10 are you to purchase such a product? 3) How much are you willing to pay for such a product, if it were able to run more than one enclosure without using any power from the mains? Thanks in advance for your feed back. please either email your answers to [email protected], or private message them to me, this will be easier for me to monitor and put into my report. Thanks Again Kamil
  12. NEVERMIND!! just found ID's "half pie atempt" at a caresheet...pretty dam good if u ask me..
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