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  1. Hi Julie, thanks for replying. Do you happen to have any fish for sale at the moment? I am mostly set up and stocked now though. I got guppies, swordtails, mollies, honey gourami, angels, kuhlis, sterbai, pygmy cories, hillstream loaches, bettas, gold bristlenoses and brichardi.
  2. Hi all, I'm wanting to buy angels, dwarf gourami, corys (julii, panda, similis, habrosus, axelrodi), rams, kribs, apistos, brichardi, jewels, julidochromis, or similar dwarven varieties. Also floating plants for the gouramis to build their nest in. Is the Napier club still quite active? Think they used to have a designated evening to bring your stuff along and sell at the meeting?
  3. BOP polytechnic needs some coldwater plants for their tanks. Is there anyone in the Tauranga/Mount area with offcuts we can have?
  4. That's a shame Ira. I wouldn't have thought frogs would be too fussy about their water parameters, but did you cycle the tank before putting them in?
  5. spent

    Wolf fish

    Jaguars are Nandopsis Managuensis. Nandopsis Dovii are seriously mean fish Chris. They need at least 600 litres for one fish. But they're not on MAF's approved species for import list anyway.
  6. I don't think it'll make too much difference either way, just thought it might be a waste of power.
  7. interesting. What species was that Ira?
  8. Fish have colour vision, hence their bright markings. So red light will bother them no less than any other frequency of light. And don't quote me on this but I would assume fish to be geotropic (gravity dependant) rather than phototropic, as they maintain orientation with the aquarium lights switched off. More likely it's to do with the location of their swim bladder above their centre of gravity though.
  9. I can't imagine they'd be too worried about circulation if they're swamp/lagoon dwellers though.
  10. If they're found in the wild in NZ all year round, why would you need to heat the tank, other than to keep it humid if you had it set up as a terrarium?
  11. It's probably not worth the hassle of hatching out brine shrimp for your tetras, unless you're intending to breed them. They'll do fine with a good quality staple flake food, and spirulina flake and frozen worms give them variety if you want.
  12. If you have the tank near a window where it will be in dirrect sunligt, having a backing on it can help stop algal growth and the water from overheating.
  13. My kuhlis climb in the plants sometimes too, but only occasionally. Khulis don't often breed in captivity, but when they do, they prefer to spawn in water sprite, and they have green eggs. Maybe yours is about to.
  14. Good idea Joze. From what I hear, trout and catfish might be the only fish we see, as land developement in the area the mollies are in mean there might not even be any left. Anyone else able to elaborate on this?
  15. Hi Robbo, and welcome to the fishroom. Like Caryl said, Kapi-Mana is the closest club to you. I joined it myself just 3 months ago. There's about 12 of us in the club, and we meet once a month on the last Wednesday of the month at the president's place in Plimmerton, to discuss all things fishy and some things not so fishy. It's a very relaxed setting, something you don't see from the larger clubs that meet in halls due to the number of members. We also have a lot of activities on the weekends, which I hear most of the other clubs don't. If you're keen to come along some time and see what it's all about, give Roger Smith, the president , a call on 2338985.
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