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  1. MikeFish

    Panaque lovers

    Cann get aggresive to other panaques (my 3 fight all the time) Must be fed on vegetables and wood (they love courgettes) They produce HUGE amounts of waste, major filtration required to deal with all the sawdust and poop
  3. Just curious... Most other fish migrations from sea to river are mature adults returning to spawn eg salmon, sea trout etc) but thats not the case with whitebait is it as its juviniles that are returning ? Adult whitebait spawns in suitable wet lands. juviniles ? head out to sea whitebait come back up the river (1 year later ?) whitebait disperse through out wetlands and grow into adults before spawning again ? How long does this take ? Is this basically correct ? Also noticed a few of the smelt i caught at the mouth of lake ellesmere are completely clear like giant whitebait, looking closely you can see the blood pumping from the heart in little squirts and they have broght blue eyes. But at the other end of the lake they are colored up, a lot darker with distinctive blue sheen and no internal organs visible. Both types smell strongly of cucumber, are there multiple species of smelt or is it just the difference between sea and fresh water habitat ?
  4. Most likely 1 of the parents is a hybrid with some common genes.
  5. Someone on here was after some Leopard Sword plantlets of which I finally have 3 or 4 big enough, send PM
  6. I also have heaps of cycled media in the sumps in my fish room, if anyone needs 'seed media' to get cycling going just let me know. I have some tank space left too if anyone needs it.
  7. Books are 1000% better than the TV show. A great series I really enjoyed reading it. WOuld recommend it to anyone who enjoys Fantasy.
  8. i have space for plecs of any size in my plec tanks... Avonhead 027 222 3597
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