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  1. combo

    Reef Booster

    -and air is also unwanted, obvious potato can help-
  2. combo

    Reef Booster

    My question to prodibio.fr: Dear! I and some other reef-keeping friends are using reef booster. We have concern, that adding all vial at once causes short nutrition overload which leads to the possible algae outbreak. Because of that, we are using two methods: - open a vial and add it to 1L of RO water, then dose several times a week - or open a vial and suck it up with a needle and syringe, then fridge it for a week adding a little at a time. Would you tell me, are this methods both suitable? Can first method lead to the some kind of decomposition or other unwanted process? answer: Many thanks for your interest in our REEF BOOSTER. you are right this is a very good product and it feed also the bacteria of the living stones. Look at the results on the tank of this forum. http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showt ... did=700454 Don't use the first one because the dilution in water makes Reef BOOSTER sbjet to decomposition. The second solution with a syringe is the best one. Keep the ampoule sticked in a slice of potato for example. Best regards Sauveur Rodriguez E-mail : sr@prodibio.fr http://www.prodibio.fr Tel:++33(0)478 253 552 fax:++33(0)478 250 084
  3. Might work with freshwater aquarium :roll:
  4. Sorry for a word "drill", I am not English born speaker. I meant training, practice in a military way. I already installed web cam and file server once, and I was not satisfied. VGA resolution is not enough, it just shows you general situation. In this case it is maybe better to monitor sump and equipment.
  5. Option 2., 3. and 6. - you will be surprised how your home folks or friend are clumsy for things you believe they can not be. If they can send you picture from mobile phone or otherwise you may spare many words or nerves. With good preparation your grandmother can help you. Drill is important, because you can observe what mistakes they are doing or can do or what they do not understand.
  6. 1. Prepare dry or frozen food in a separate container for each day (some people can not see "hungry" fish, so they overfeed 2. Prepare precise check list (water level, overflows, RO water level, number of fishes, skimmer collection cup, reactor…) 3. Few days before vacation drill that person in real situation 4. Make good maintain (pipes, skimmer, pumps..) few days before vacation – don’t do that last hour, you must observe your work at least a day. 5. Write down phone numbers of local stores or friends, who can help in trouble case. 6. Install web cam if you can or prepare digital camera or mobile phone, which can send photos. Check if you have Internet access / Internet café near vacation location / notebook with wireless access
  7. combo

    Reefs Reef Tank

    http://www.ximinasphotography.com/lesso ... g%20Corals section: kill circulation pumps.
  8. combo


    My co-reefer friend gave me one strong chemical normally used in public restaurants to automatically wash dishes. That is so strong, that I destroyed part of my floor. In six months this chemical dissolved plastic bottle and dissolved leather suitcase. But I do not know the name right now. For certain Salifert chemicals leaves thin transparent film inside curette and that gives wrong results.
  9. combo


    It does not. Instead of that I am calculating coefficient between tank water measurement and phosphate test measurement. You do not need complex engineering skills. This photometer is just a little bit better then the most of schematics you can find on the internet. here you can see light degradation in the sample:
  10. combo


    Ok, in full tank shot topic is a war, but lets get back to the subject. I also made my own photometer, using one very good photodiode (Infrared Rejection Filter Planar Photodiode), operational amplifier and chemicals from Salifert. While I was using zeolites I also tested phosphates. - regarding resolution: 0,01V because it is not calibrated yet (estimation -200 usable steps) - regarding accuracy: missing calibration But, what I learned up to now? 1. Clean cuvettes are the most IMPORTANT (need special chemical for cleaning, otherwise thin film inside gives wrong results, washing with RO water is not enough= 2. CLEAN cuvettes on outside side is also essential 3. It takes 13 minutes that sample stabilizes 4. Comparable I achieved PO4 levels to the Aleksander Girz or Corallen Zuht shop, but that not enough. We can observe colourful SPS tanks with 10 ppm nitrates and low phosphates. If you are not aware of rules 1. -3., you can get very wrong result - up to 300%. Calibration is also very tricky and accurate process. I have a bottle of standard solution from Hatch 3.00 +- 0.03 mg/l. I need very good RO water, and then I can calibrate my photometer.
  11. combo

    Reefs Reef Tank

    I would like to ask few more specific questions. How long are you using digest and booster? What changes did you notice after first, second and third month? How do you replenish microelements? With WC or additives? What is your food comsuption? I was using zeolites both times.
  12. Of course, I was 10-second job. There is one excellent web page http://www.ximinasphotography.com/lessons/ that is dedicated to reef aquarium photography. Do not forget to pass mouse over pictures. And it was not Photoshop, it was IrfanView.
  13. combo

    Reefs Reef Tank

    I must remind you, because prodibio users are rare... :roll:
  14. Ye, ye, take it back, it's yours anyway. :lol:
  15. I do not know. But it's awesome, isn't it?
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