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quarantine tank.


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It depends what fish you have - if you have to treat the water in any way to achieve a certain PH or hardness then water from the tank would be more suitable - however, you need to make sure you are not taking water from a "sick" tank to put your fish in in order to get them better - you may be transferring parasites, etc over. However, you may do this anyway if your filter for the quarantine tank is running in the tank the sick fish came from. Obviously the ideal is to have more than one tank running - and put small extra sponge filters in them all so you can transfer these over to a quarantine tank - however, this is not possible generally!! And, of course, a minimum of 10 tanks is the required amount for all us fish keepers, isn't it!!! :grin:

As was said, if it's simply a quarantine tank for new fish - water out of the existing tank - at least 50% (filled up with tap water) would be great - so they get used to your PH etc.

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