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Do you know something I don't? WTF?


:lol: That's funny!

Jimmy, basically making your own food is cheap, and easy as, plus good for the fish. You just get live mussels, which are fine on their own, but if you wish you can add shrimp, crab, roe, pipi, etc, plus nori.

Get all the ingredients fresh, not processed in any way as chemicals may be added. Some people don't cook them, but I find it easier to cook the mussels lightly, then either blend, or freeze and grate on a cheese grater.

If you blend in a blender, wash the food in water and pour off or seive to remove fine stuff to small for the fish to eat, that will only add pollution to the tank (can make good coral food in small amounts though).

Keep in the deep freeze and serve daily.

Your fish will thrive on this.

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I use Gelitine (sp?) in mine, as per the Base recepie from Bob Fenner and Eric bourneman. Not sure if its needed or not, maybee i'll try it without next time.

Also greens are under-utlilised in foods. Add heaps of spirilina flake and Nori into the mix.

Good luck, hard to belive you can go wrong with it.


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