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Plant growth getting slower

Sea Gull

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My tank has water! Finally there is something to do other than killing off some specific bacteria.


Aquarium system 2.0 now has plants, a Hydrocotyle (pennywort) species and a Nymphoides indica (snowflake lily). They've put on healthy leaves since being submerged. They're going to need to provide cover for my fish, so they've still got some growing to do before any animals go in.

They're in a new system without much available "stuff" to use for this, and their new growth is slowing down and looking weaker. They seem to be especially struggling with nitrogen and iron, but the idea of putting a complete fertilizer the water column is making me nervous about algae blooms.

Is it worth adding root tabs to my plants to get them the missing nutrients? And is there a way to add small amounts of usable nitrogen to my water?

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