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Keeping more difficult fish(?)

Sea Gull

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Hi again. :) Does anyone here know if there is good way to figure out if you are ready to keep a more sensitive species than you've kept before? Some of the 'intermediate difficulty' fish out there look really interesting, but there's not much out there on what intermediate actually looks like.

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If you have successfully kept your current fish alive and healthy for 12 months and you haven't got an algae outbreak, and your water test results are excellent, then you are ready to try a more difficult species.

Difficult doesn't always mean hard though as it may mean something like the fish has specific requirements not able to be given in a community aquarium.

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Thank you, that makes a lot more sense. My (in progress) tank is based on one ecosystem where a few compatible aquarium fish live, so it should be easy for me to start with a couple of easier species and then look into more difficult ones later down the track.

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