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FNZAS Executive and Delegates meeting 10/11/2023


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The following email has been sent to all clubs, and their exec/ delegates to distribute.

Good afternoon all Clubs, Presidents, Delegates and Executive.

Attached are the minutes from the latest Exec and Delegate meeting held for the FNZAS.

But I also wanted to discuss some other items with clubs and really wish to have your feedback. 

First of all, I'm looking for people who are wanting to join a working group - the working group is for the new Societies Act, which now gives the FNZAS the opportunity to update (we have to as there is new legalities) to update our constitution. - If you would like to be on this working group please email [email protected] - the group members will have a Facebook chat, as well as a forum chat set up for them (if I can figure out how to set this up) and also will be able to access via myself the zoom to have meetings to discuss, this then will need to go out to exec and delegates to discuss and then all clubs get to vote on it - This is a huge opportunity for clubs to have their say - and I would love to have at least one or two people from each club who are interested in joining in on this. We must register under the new Societies Act before October 2026 and a new constitution will work alongside this.  I have attached MBIE Links for the changes and constitution building tool for people to have a look at. 





Can clubs please have a discussion at their next meeting and come back to myself - I will share with the Exec and Delegates from each club can elaborate where required.

What would you like the FNZAS to do for clubs?
What would you like the FNZAS to do to help support membership? (competitions? prizes etc etc)
What are your expectations of the FNZAS?
If FNZAS had a zoom account for clubs to use - would you take advantage of this?

FNZAS currently has this information as a who we are / objectives in our constitution (see below) - What do you think we do?

The objects of the Federation shall be:

(a) To act as a coordinating body of all affiliated Societies.

(b) To publish a Journal with the object of developing and advancing aquaria-keeping and water gardening in New Zealand.

(c) To promote in every way the dissemination of knowledge of all forms of aquatic life.

(d) To initiate and support research to advance the knowledge of animal and plant life in water.

(e) To provide the assistance in all possible ways to affiliated Societies in furthering the hobbies of aquarium keeping and water gardening.

(f) To cooperate and cultivate reciprocal relations with any person, Society or body having objects similar or in parts similar to the objects of the Federation and whether in New Zealand or any other country.

(g) To purchase take on lease or in exchange or hire or otherwise acquire any real or personal property and any rights or privileges which the Federation shall think necessary or expedient for the purpose of obtaining the objects of the Federation or any of them, or promoting the interests of the Federation or its members and to sell, exchange, let on bail or lease with or without the option of purchase or in any manner dispose of any such property rights or privileges as aforesaid.

(h) To do all such other things as may be incidental or conducive to the attaining of the above objects or any of them.

(i) To deal with the funds of the Federation in furthering these objects.

The Federation shall be non-political and non-sectarian and shall refrain from commenting on matters political or religious.

Nga mihi

Maxine Lynch 

President, Federation of New Zealand Aquatic Societies 


FNZAS Exec and Delegates meetin 10 11 2023.pdf

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