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Cyclone Gabrielle - important information


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A message from the President of the FNZAS.

In light of recent events around Aotearoa, New Zealand, I wanted to reach out to all clubs to ensure that you are aware you can reach out to your executive should you need anything, we will try and assist in any way possible. 

Contact can be made via the www.aquariumworld.nz forums or via email, if you are a member and you cannot get access to the internet my cellphone number has been sent out to clubs via email, you can text and I will load a post on your behalf. 

If you think there is something specific the FNZAS can assist with, please let me know asap. 

We know that some areas are going through a period of great devastation; and we want you to know we are thinking of you and helping from a distance in any way we can. 

For your aquatic pets continue to do as much as you can.
Turn over water to help keep oxygen in the water.
Let the tanks cool down slowly by wrapping them in blankets if you can.
Reduce feeding to help keep water parameters in check. 
If you are able to, do a small water change daily. 

We understand that areas have no power, no cellphone coverage and roads are blocked and damaged. Please ensure you and your whanau(family) are safe first and foremost.

Below are some links to help you find out information or assistance should you need this.


The following I have copied directly from a NZ Herald article as it is very informative. 

To donate, go to: https://www.redcross.org.nz/support-us/about-donating/donating-during-emergencies/

People wanting to donate to the Mayoral Relief Funds can do so by contacting the respective councils from the affected regions.


Donations of food or money can be made to Auckland City Mission https://www.aucklandcitymission.org.nz/auckland-flood-response/

To help animals, texts can be sent with HUHA to 4463 to instantly donate $3.

To volunteer, visit Volunteering Hawke’s Bay, Volunteering Northland, Volunteering Bay of Plenty, Volunteering Auckland or Volunteering Waikato

To help with the cleanup, you can join the Student Volunteer Army https://sva.org.nz/

If you know someone who needs help with animals, call HUHA on 027 4416474, 022 249 1020, or 0800 00 83 33.

To request help from SPCA, Aucklanders can call 09 256 7300 or email [email protected]

Here is a link to the live noticeboard on Stuff.


Stay safe members and clubs and help each other where you can.
Maxine Lynch
President of Federation of New Zealand Aquatic Societies
https://aquariumworld.nz/ [1]
https://issuu.com/fnzasaw [2] 

[1] https://aquariumworld.nz/
[2] https://issuu.com/fnzasaw

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