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Can Danios live outside in nz?


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Hey there I have kept white cloud minnows in my outside aquarium and pond and they have breed crazy!

I kind of want to get a new species of fish but it’s hard to find a fish that can thrive the conditions of Nz 

so I heard that danios can survive with ice on top of the tank/pond and was wondering if I can keep danios with my white cloud minnows?

in an outdoor pond and tank the temp is around 23 degrees C most of the time but drops to around 15 degrees at night.

I can’t get the zebra danio as my closest pet store stoped selling them only the normal danios I can get now like the Cadillac danios etc.

could this work?


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When people talk about them being cold water, they mean somewhere around 18 - 22C, which many can manage over summer without heating.

NZ natives are an option but harder to get. Have a look at Stella's New Zealand Native Fish Facebook page.

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Thanks a lot!

I have heard that Danios can survive with ice over the top.

and I have a lot of surface agitation so it definitely won’t freeze lowest I have seen It go was 13 degrees c

but mainly stays at 20 degrees c do you think that’s alright?


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I understand they can tolerate cooler temps for a short period of time so you might be OK. Not sure how it stays at "mainly 20C" but drops to 13C.

Remember you want to keep your fish in the best possible conditions, not whatever they might tolerate, especially as we are heading into winter.

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