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Spoilt snails

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I have been collecting snails to send down to Donna Moot, the Turtle Rescue Lady, in Christchurch. My daughter, who had been here for Christmas, was going to take them back with her so I have been collecting snails and putting them in a 30l barrel, ready to go.

Yesterday, said daughter came off her bike and has broken her collarbone so is stuck here until the pain has reduced enough to take the long drive back to Christchurch from Blenheim. She is not allowed to drive for at least 2 weeks so we will be driving her back (and picking up 2 ebikes Grant has just bought) but not until her pain eases considerably and she is able to dress and undress herself and do other things one handed - and they must be light as any movement jars her collarbone (you can hear it crunch!)

Anyhoo, the snails create a lot of mess so couldn't stay in the barrel so we set up a paddling pool, added a large lily plant plus covered it all with a low gazebo to keep them in the shade. They must be the most spoilt snails in NZ! B|

Snails in pool.jpg

Snail shade.jpg

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