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Cichild Lip Wrestling


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Hi All,

I am new to Cichlids and started off with a Green Terror.

Today I added:

  • 1 x Fire Mouth
  • 1 x Texas
  • 1 x Arcana Blue

The Green Terror and the Arcana since being together are lip wrestling. I read up on about it and it said it could be Territory, courting, dominance, female in the tank.

The tank is 220L and the Cichlid's are between 5-7cm, there is also a bristle-nose in there so heaps of space.

Its to aggressive to be courting from my observations, I can see the lip locking area is bruised. I want to rule out female is there any way to identify a male to a female Cichlid?

I turned off the lights hopefully they get some sleep and don't continue on fighting through out the night. Does anyone have methods which has helped there Cichlid with aggression?

Thanks heaps!

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