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Pelvicachromis taeniatus - anyone keeping these?


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8 hours ago, Fruju said:

What happened to the A. hongsloi?

Not sure but the only person I know who bred with success was Jennifer.  Unfortunately when the ChCh 2011 earthquake happened all her tanks with the adults and fry smashed.   I purchased a pair shortly after that but the male was weak and didn't survive.  Haven't seen them since.

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Redwoods had them in maybe... 1 year ago? It was when they started bringing in A macmasteri again, but I'm not sure whether they've continued bringing in the Kribs. I haven't seen A hongsloi in (at least, since I started paying attention to Apistos). I am not sure whether true A borellii are in as most have been Apistogramma sp. 'Steel Blue' - I don't think anyone's managed to breed the recent lot that came in as A borelli or the recent lot of A bitaneiata (but am keen if you find some as I'd love a pair). Unfortunately I lost my A trifasciata girl recently and haven't had any breeding success with the A macmasteri lately.

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I have already tried breeding agassizii with some success, I too found the males weak and they passed. Not exactly that many dwarf cichlids to choose from here.

Thinking about P. taeniatus or maybe some electric blue rams, but just tentative about jumping into those guys considering their reputation as sensitive fish.

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