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630L Malawi Cichlid Tank


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I have a 630L Malawi Cichlid Tank which has been set up for just over a week now. It was converted from tropical so the media is already cycled. It currently has 7 yellow labs, 6 metriaclima estherae, 1m/3f johanni and 1m/3f blue zebras in it.

The only problem is that now I am unsure what I want to stock next. I won't be getting any more fish for a little while, but I want to have it planned out.

I like the demasoni, but am worried about aggression. Not opposed to some more yellow labs either.

I also would like to stock some haps and maybe peacocks, especially the dragon's blood peacocks, borleri and freyeri.

It would be great if fellow malawi keepers could suggest some numbers and recommend any others which are colourful and compatible. The peacocks are especially confusing as with all the colour morphs and hybrids I am not sure what HFF can get in.

I can post pics if anyone would like.


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I'd go with more yellows and haps like the borleyi  or Dolphins, protemelas, nimbochromis etc that will hold there own and swim in open water- I assume you've plenty of rock work 

peacocks would be inclined to go to the rocks and get bullied by the mbuna potentially getting nipped a lot and not really colouring up.

Dems might also find the bigger mbunas too much

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