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Male Clown Killies


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Male clown killis for sale.
Only males will be sold at current as I have not managed a spawn of many females. Currently have about 40 males available.

Females could be available at a later time.

The clown killi or banded panchax is a species of African rivuline native to fresh water habitats in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in West Africa. Wikipedia
Scientific name: Epiplatys annulatus

Price reflects the fact that only males are for sale

I can ship, please note south island shipping is not very cheap, otherwise pick up in wellington :)


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males alone are currently $2 a peice, and I have the name of someone who you can approach for other sexes - but the price here now is only for people who wish to buy  males alone, as soon as I get females the price will go up.

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Hi Tantra


This post is a see bit old now.. unfortunately since then I've had a fire and had to shut down my fish room. 


However if you contact Rodneys tropicals in such he may be able to help you. 

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