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Tbar Cichlids


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Just curious as to who breeds these guys in Nz? Would love some more of these some day but they seem to be pretty rare in Nz and can't work out why as they are quite a pretty fish and don't grow to a large size. Would love to hear from anyone who has some even if they are not breeding them.

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Yes it would be nice if shops will have them again (hello importers?).

I sold two a few months back, one which paired with the other person's TBar. There was reported spawning but I'm not updated on the status now.

I acquired another two afterwards, so far no spawning (most likely same sex).  Here's a video:


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Those girls are gorgeous! Good to know there is still some out there but new imports would be nice. Would love to know what the cost would be and how to sweet talk the importers to bring more in. I will try and get a pic of my old female who sadly passed away awhile ago I was guttered! She paired up with another female a Nicaragua cichlid of all things. I think the stress of protecting her eggs took its toll and she got white spot. Even though I did rid her of it she passed away a few days later so sadly must of had a secondary infection. I just these guys though. I have a tank put aside just in case I come across more.

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Thanks. Unfortunately one of them has a swim bladder disorder (when I got them). I have been treating with the boiled pea method as well as salt baths for several weeks, with no success. So far she is still happily eating and moving about, just vertical or upside down at most times.

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