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FS **1 RESERVE** 170L Fish tank + All Accessories


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Hey Guys,

My tank is up for sale at $1 Res

Includes a lot of accessories

Description and images listed below and on the auction link.

http://www.trademe.co.nz/pets-animals/f ... 351010.htm

Happy bidding.

$1Res - Large fish tank + all accessories must go.

Fish tank been sitting unused in the garage for 1 year now.

170 Litres is just a very rough calculation online.

guppies, cory's, angel, white cloud

$100's of dollars spent for this set up

The tank is shaped beautifully with dimensions of W915 L380 H515 (in millimeters and approximate only). Both front sides are angled cut which gives a different perspective when seeing the fishes.

Condition of the tank is great at the top has 4 pieces of glass (3 clear and 1 frosted - See image).

Comes with the following (Also view the images).

1. Thick foam for the base of the tank over an inch thick.

2. Algae Wafers - Food (Left overs) about 80% left

3. Temperature sticker (Thermometer)

4. Aqua One Clearview H500 Hang on Filter

5. Aqua One Maxi 102F Internal Filter

6. Aqua One Precision SR-9500 Air Pump

7. Aqua One Precision SR-2500 Air Pump

8. Aqua One 100 watt Glass Heater

9. Aqua One 55 watt Glass Heater

10. API Freshwater Master Test Kit (3 over 60% left, 4 over 80% left).

11. API Leaf Zone 240ml (10% Left)

12. API Stress Coat+ 473ml (95% Left))

13. Seachem Prime 50ml (90% Left)

14. API pH Down 118ml (60% Left)

15. Blue fish net

16. Blue background sheetBlue background sheet

16. 3M LEDlux ribbon 4000K colour - IP55 - 3 meters taped around the top (RRP $90)

17. Very small gravel - Grit Charcoal - Roughly 25-30KG worth - Enough to layer up 3-6cm.

All the percentages listed are only an estimate.

Large stones, wood, plants or night blue light decorations not included (Pics shown is the tank being in use before stopping operation).

All items listed are functional and are in good order - No carbon cartridge or sponge provided for the filter machines. would need to buy your own (Cheap).

Some boxes and instructions provided (See images).

Please ask me any questions if you have any.


Buyer MUST pick up. Pick up from Newmarket/Epsom. Arrange a time.

**View my other listing for great deals.


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