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Wow they look so cool together, makes me want a male even more now. Is it just them in the tank.? Your java fern on the driftwood looks wicked.!

Yeah I'm really liking them! Bit of a community tank at the moment. 2X Silver sharks, 2X firemouth, 3X clown loaches and 3X striata loaches with them. Tanks about 570 litres from memory. Java fern has been going for a few years now, need to actually give it a bit of a prune...

Looking really good there Hecticity!

That lighter one is definitely male, the darker bigger one looks female for sure.

Jealous of those fish!

Ha cheers! yeah I'm pretty confident that's the case sex wise...

Had a bit of scraping the last couple of days, lip locking etc. Obviously will separate if it gets to bad but just wondering whats normal as this is my first go with cichlids this large.

Obviously its the smaller "male" instigating these confrontations :roll: ...and losing time after time...

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Mine is approx 1.5inches, gets fed minimum 3 times a day, regular water changes maybe twice a week (small tank for now), will transfer him once he gets some size.

Only got the one for now, decided grabbing multiple could be risky until i knew their sex.

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Niiice. Yours are looking fantastic, going well together then?

No point putting pics up of mine just yet, he's tiny. had him about a week now but have noticed a bit of growth.

Having a tough time deciding whether or not to get another in store, don't know the sex of them yet so could be messy...

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Oh wow, how big are they now? Look to be only 4 to 5 inches in those pics?

Might pay to invest in a breeding tank for them if they start to get aggro.

I hope you successfully breed them!

Will get pics of my guy when he puts on about another inch.

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My one has hit about 3.5" now, fairly good growth rate from what I understand. 100% confidence it is a male.

I tried a second one in the tank with him, but he didn't take kindly to it at all so will be sticking with just the one for now it would seem.

How goes the breeding Hecticity?

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Had a swarm of a couple of hundred but went away for a few days and lost them. They have started dancing a bit again so might chuck the pot back in.

My boy is definitely growing faster about 5.5 inches / 140mm. Fem close to 6 inches / 150mm.

What is up with the whole inch gallon scenario in fish keeping.... Surely the majority worldwide use the metric system by now..?

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Would you consider raising the fry separately? Or just keep with the parents? Wonder if the babies would eat crushed flake?

That is some good growth! Male should surpass the female soon, from what I understand most females top out at like 7 inches?

Who knows, I frequent the MFK website which is run by Americans so I guess you just get used to it. Although I never get used to the gallons thing.

Metric system does make a lot more sense.

I have a flowerhorn x jag hybrid in another tank that is larger than my cuban but I'm not sure I want to risk the 2 together yet. Web seems to suggest cubans can hold their own?

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If I was to breed them in their own tank I would leave the fry with them until a decent size, but if I bred them in the community set up I would separate from free swimmers. I have a 190 odd litre tank I could try as a breeder but not sure if I really want to put them in that small a tank.

Yeah my female seems to be growing a lot slower now compared to my male. 7 inches is about what I was expecting for the fem, hopefully the boy gets close to 10 inches, which is what I have seen looking online as being max. Pretty sure i've seen posts of 12 inch males on MFK though.

How much bigger is the hybrid? I'd give it a go so long as you can watch them for a bit when you put them together, and they have a few hiding spots.

Any photos of either...?

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190L tank would probably be fine for the time being, I doubt you could house much else with them once they get breeding?

Yeah, I'd be stoked for a 10inch male; I think growth drops away more after 8 inches. I saw a 12inch specimen on MFK that was either 5 or 10 years old, its face was rather calcified.

Hybrid is probably at least double the cubans size and inherited anger management issues from the flowerhorn side of things, attractive fish though, and I can see solid teeth on it too. I think I'd be more comfortable trying it on with more cichlids in the tank so that aggression is spread out, I want to get a large oscar or 2 as I feel they make excellent dominant fish - might be more dangerous if the hybrid was top dog.

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Looking good!

I had a second batch of fry a coupe of months ago..few stragglers hanging around. Not really putting much effort in due to tank space and market for selling. Mine have both slowed in growth and are around the same size as yours. Not to bothered though be interesting to see in a few years. Have had to separate mine as the male is getting a bit intense wanting to breed and dominate my placid girl, currently making a divider for the tank.... Will try and get a few picks up soon.


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