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Ramirezi Free swimmers in our Amazon tank with pics


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Our rams which are in our Amazon tank https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=443638549060724&set=a.365287343562512.84413.353101988114381&type=1&theater

have raised fry to the free swimming stage. Its awesome to see them cruising around. I dont think they will last long with tankmates- Discus and Cardinal Tetras.


Its really fun watching the interaction between the different species. I had forgotten how cool community aquariums are.

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Cheers for that. Its good water qualities fault. Discus have just eaten there own batch of eggs.

I think the demonic rams family attendance spooked them into the extra protein.

Wish I could have gotten a photo of a 'two species spawning'

The tank is about as nano as ill ever keep. The hundred liter is starting to feel cramped.

Have a fantastic weekend fellow forumers.

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