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Barney's attempt at breeding egg layers.


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Hi all. I have now go 2 small tanks set up for breeding. A 30cm cube and a 40cm generic size tank.

I am trying to breed my killies... Which I have already managed to do by accident. Will get to that later.

And also have a quartet of CPD's... 3 of which are males as it turns out.

The 30cm cube I am wanting to use as the killing spawning tank, where every other day ill replace the tuff of moss and place the eggy one somewhere else... I have an endless supply of it so that's not a problem. Here's the tank as of this morning:



It has DIY co2 and shares a 50w 6500K led with its neighbour. I know they are guppies in there right now. I gave the tank a full on clean yesterday, so just making sure the water is safe.

The 40cm tank currently houses the CPD's... nothing too it, bare bottom, bubble filter and some LED strips for lighting.


Currently the fish that hatch i have been putting into a breeder floating in on of my brothers... He has a constant supply of brine shrimp so thats the easiest solution for me.

So thats basically it for now... I'm moving out pretty much as of today, so hopefully my bother can keep it going for me! Until of course i'm settled and take a tank or 2 with me.

Anyway, the 5 young killies i have at the moment came from some moss i pulled out of their tank 2 weeks ago and placed in the cpd one. It was overgrowing the killie tank a little. Then yesterday i fished out some young. Fun! Fully didn't expect that!

Lastly, here is my moss factory:


Ill try update as i go or when i get a chance. Im starting a new job in a weeks time about 80km from here... so will do my best.

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'Home' finally after a busy 4weeks in the city starting the new job. The breeding is going well... For the killies at least.

have 3 pretty much mature young ones, 2 males, 1 female. brobably another 10 halfway there. Last night i also fished out about 20 newly hatched killies from the tank with thier parents.

Have to thank my brother for feeding them brine shrimp everyday, ill have to let him keep a couple of the :nfs:

The cpd's i havent had much luck with... seems there was a rogue baby killi in the cpd tank that was get fat... and fast! no eggs or fry to be seen in there.

Heres a photo of one of the young males:


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