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Sterbai eggs


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Yesterday afternoon my group of sterbai's laid about 100 eggs, its there first time breeding, i have seperated the eggs from the tank to give them any hope of surviving as they are in with 5 discus, they all look to be fertile and none have gone white yet, you can also see little things forming in the egg, what should i do from now to stop fungis or to help the eggs to hatch?, i thought about meth blue or should i just let them do there own thing, they are in approx 15 litre tank, any help would be appreciated, cheers james

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if they are developing well, then I wouldn't bother too much with anything, if you are worried though, add a few drops of Meth blue, just enough to colour the water a bit. and keep a fair amount of current running past them (if using an airstone don't let the bubbles touch the eggs)

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