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Breeding Boraras Brigittae


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I was in my fish room this morning and saw what can only described as courting behavior by my Dominate chilly red male towards the only female in the set up ( The set up is identical to my Danio thread ). The tanks shaded so I shone a torch in but couldn't see a thing as there was a little detritus from the spawning moss.

http://www.google.co.nz/search?q=borara ... 22&bih=487

I later observed an other male interupting the dominate male so I whipped all but the pair out.

As this completely disturbed them I thought I'd go the hole hog and siphoned out the muck (water change ) and checked what I had collected just in case there were a lot of hidden eggs.

I found 1 egg, yeah just one :slfg: , I didn't keep it.

So I know what I'm doing sort of works, it should have really as it's the same set up I used for Boraras maculatus and Danio Margaritatus.

Now we wait ........... It's been 3 hours since the water change ( a life time ), I'll go and see if they've spawned. Man am I impatient, it could take a few weeks :spop:

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Nop, being a bit( a lot ) hopeful really.

The male still has all his colour which is a good sign for more wishful thinking tomorrow morning.

Oh by the way if you have not seen this species in the flesh so to speck, the males really are that red - just stunning!!

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The first Google image is good the others not so.

When I walk into my fish room their spawning tank is directly in front of me but 3.5 meters away. Even though it is shaded I can still see the little male if he's close to the glass.

The're worth having a non tank for.

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