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How do I darken my tank?


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I'm not quite sure I like the bright 2 x 54w t5 HO lights in my tank. Just looks too bright compared to the rest of the set up.

I am wanting it to look like this if possible.

The options so far:

-Floating plants.

-New Lights.


1: I have some Riccia in there now, not that it is enough yet but it will get there.

2: Prefer not to due to $$$$$

3: ?????

Has anyone else tried this before?

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Duckweed is good for that. As is tiger lotus which just happens to grow wonderfully in a juwel!

:evil: That is exactly what I originally bought it for. Then, Just as I tear down the tank it starts to send out lily pads...

Don't really want it in the current set up though as I am happy with the layout.

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The sheer amount of water that condenses on the tubes and the inside of the hood should be enough reason to not use only one tube.

So unless you silicone it up to conceal and waterproof the sockets I wouldn't risk it.

Then there is still the matter of - Is it safe to use only one tube, when we specifically get told not to use only one tube with an electronic ballast and computer chip thing.

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some light fittings need both tubes to run, if not u can just take one out, if the unit is sealed/ has a cover it will be fine. from what i have seen the fittings used are pretty water tight as they are specially made for these sorts of applications. inside will be a glass fuse and i assume u either have an RCD in your switchboard or are running your leads through a portable RCD. this will stop you getting a nasty shock, take it from me i'm a electrician shocks are not nice and can kill take all measures to make yourself safe. if your unsure on anything PM me.

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