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Breeding Zebra danios??


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I didn't do it personally but...

you want a tank of at least 6 litre capacity and use a spawning grid. Make sure you have good light or full sunlight. Sex ratio needs to be 2 males:1 female. Temp 22 - 24C. pH 7.0.

Separate the boys from the girls for 7 - 14 days before spawning.

Spawning takes place in the morning with the female depositing up to 2,000 eggs!

When spawning is over, take out the parents and remove the grid. Replace half the water with fresh water and treat with methylene blue.

The fry grow well and quickly in shallow flat tanks.

Hope this helps

Good luck!

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Hi Dennis,

I've bred countless thousands using shallow tanks (approx 10" deep by 3' long) with around 5" of water. I used the Breeding Trap method as mentioned in the breeding trap article I wrote here on this forum. Works for most of the Barbs as well.

After trying the marbles, spanish moss, heavy planting etc, this was the method that gave me the most return. The fish were transferred to another tank after spawning, and the fry (onced hatched) were tranferred to growing on pools, which in my situation were namely heated paddling pools 6'x4'x1' deep, but you don't need to go to this extreem. They grow quickly and were saleable in around four to six weeks, but yours may take longer.

As Caryl said, two to one ratio works good. The females should be on the point of bursting and in top condition before you decide to put them together to spawn if you want good returns.

Everything else... Spot on Caryl :):)

Get your live foods ready, (baby brine shrimp, micro worm etc) cos you will need it if you want them to grow fast.


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