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fish congregating - anyone who can clarify???

ken loach

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ok this is one i have thought about for a while and just can't work out...

at times i will notice that all my fish will swarm around one area in the tank...it's pretty much always the same spot...

at first i was wondering if there was a dead tetra down there or something..but there doesnt appear to be...

then i was thinking it was because it was close-ish to the heater...

and when I say ALL fish i mean all - like even my hatchetts come down to check it out...

anyone know whats going on here??? am curious...

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Ive got a 5 foot tank and a fluval 404 at one end and all the fish to stay at the other end

They have all probably just been washed downstream by the current :lol:

My tiger barbs often all congregate around the internal filter in my 4ft tank. I think under the filter is about the calmest spot in the tank. They just hang about, doing headstands and chasing each other.. until there is some food action down the other end of the tank :lol:



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I know one time I had put a bigger filter on a tank (keep in mind I only have small tanks) and sure enough...fishies seemed to stay at one end. Put the old filter back on and they we're fine...obviously too much current (or whatever the right word is :oops: :roll: )

My tiger barbs will do that too...but mostly when I walk into the room and ring the dinner bell :P


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