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  1. He's sold pending pickup ( I believe Saturday). I'll update the list at the start of next week with what's left.
  2. Is use fumpid (flubendasole I believe). Used to use prazi but it gets a bit pricy when dealing with larger tanks.
  3. Shutting down my tanks sadly. Most fish are around 2 years old so a good size. Wormed regularly as part of my maintenance. Black ghost knifefish 2x albino Senegal bichir 3x geophagus tapajos 2x siamese algae eater kissing gourami 3x leopard Bush fish (ctenopoma) red parrot 2x samurai gourami 2x ottos African butterfly fish 5x apisto trifaciata (1 proven breeding pair) 6x polkadot loach A regular bristlenose Feel free to text me with inquiries or offers: 0278293241 Wellington based and cant ship sorry
  4. I have 3 green terrors for sale at around 10cm. Looking for around 30 each but negotiable. Wellington based
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