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  1. Looking at selling my two blue tongues & custom cages. Will come will the lights and heat lamps in cages. Does not include accessories. Cages are roughly 1200mm wide x 550 high and 550 deep. Only reason for selling is due to a busy life, I just haven’t had the time to care for them and give them as much attention as I would like. They are roughly 6/7 years old. Originally brought by a previous owner as a breeding pair but they never breed. I have a feeling they are both girls, but never had them X-rayed to be able to say otherwise. For the first 5 years they were kept in the same cage and were fine, however 6 months after I took them on, they started to fight and so I have separated them. One is more active than the other. Open to selling them separately if wanted. PM me if interested. cant seem to attach photos?
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