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  1. Ok thanks, I looked online and could only see white Here. Have you seen black?
  2. Hi, picked up a second hand tank recently that has had the edging removed to look frameless. Unfortunately exposing some ordinary looking silicone work. Does anyone know where I can find some black corner edging to refit to the frames?
  3. Bl00dworm

    Hi folks

    Hi everyone..... new on here after moving to Auckland from Melbourne 18 months ago with my young family. Has taken me this long to get some tanks going after selling my pride and joy back home when I moved across 😞 Have been in the hobby since I was a kid. Low tech planted tanks are my thing. Looking forward to benefiting from the collective wisdom on here and hopefully sharing some of my learnings along the way. cheers Steve
  4. Hi, I’ll shortly be establishing some low tech dirt planted aquariums. Was wondering whether anyone can provide a comparison of the effectiveness of Daltons Aquatic Mix versus a mineralised soil process? I’m contemplating whether to use the mix on its own, or as a clay supplement to a DIY mineralised soil. thanks
  5. Bl00dworm


    Hi everyone, I’ve just moved to New Zealand from Australia and am getting back into the aquarium hobby after a brief hiatus. Hence my first post on this forum. I secured a second hand 90 gallon recently which came with 10 juvenile ‘Flowerhorn’ cichlids which I have not come across before. As I understand it these cannot be imported into NZ or Australia, hence my ignorance. Was wondering whether there are Flowerhorn keepers on this forum that could shed any light on: 1. The strain of Flowerhorn I may have (photo of largest is attached) and those available in NZ 2. The best tactics to try to grow out and secure a pair from the 10 juveniles (largest 5 inches, with 5 of them around 2-3 inches. I have 90 and 65 gallon tanks to house them.
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