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  1. Thanks for the help. 27deg in Christchurch today and tank at 16deg Have 3 happy Koura, sorting out their new digs they have had a wee feed on some cucumber but haven't eaten much really. Any help on the best temp and how often I should be feeding the little fellas would be good. Ended up with a Hailea HC 500A chiller, it only pumps out the water 0.4 deg lower than the tank temp is this normal or should it be higher? Thanks Again Steve
  2. HI Guys, I have just purchased a chiller -Hailea HC 300A - and need to install on a aqua one 620 tank (90L?) So need to buy a pump could somebody send me a link or recommend the pump I would need. would like to go a little bigger than I need incase I upgrade the tank. You can see I the pic I have it plumed through the wall, so the pump will need to powerful enough so the water can complete the cycle over the distance. I have some Koura on the way and have 12 whitebait and 3 bullies. I would also like to know what the operating parameters should be. Also what would be the best temperature to aim for with my setup? Any help appreciated as im a complete newbie! Thanks Steve.
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