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  1. I guess the babies are all going to be brown then or mabe slightly different they are to small to tell but they do look a little different they look a little lighter and the markings are brighter compared to the shortfin brown babies they are much darker. so would it be better to cross with a albino shortfin male ? rather than the golden male i did used to have a pair but the male died. not all the babies would be longfin but i would hope that some of them would be as my brown longfin bred with a shortfin and most of their babies were longfin.
  2. These 2 have bred together and the babies have just left the cave and look very dark ? is this normal as i was expecting them to look lighter in colour.
  3. the tank is 1000l but i guess the sump will be another 200l ish it doesnt come with a filter but i was going to setup a sump for it but am unsure what litres per hour it should pump. any advise apreciated.
  4. I was wondering what the offspring would be from crossing these two. male is black and very tall fins and quite a long spotted tail about 5 inches long aprox but not so long that it droops, i suspect he is a cross with a wild ? as you can see faint lines on the black but he has lighter almost marble patches but hes still 95% black. his on again off again girlfreind was sold to me as platnum angel she is quite a pearly/crisp white colour with slight metalic blue bars up the fins and has normal short fins. i tried to get the black to pair up with a koi veil pearlscale type angel but he was just the tank bully to his potential mates so i put him and his old gf (platnum) back in a new tank together on the same day hoping they might reconsile there differences they last had and he seems to be not attacking her badly like he last was when they had laid and they are cleaning the cone in the new tank straight away so fingers crossed this time. she does tend to be to rough when fanning the eggs and makes some of them fall off as she also bumps them with her body (shes deffinitly finished laying when she does this) she also eats the eggs when she picks out the white ones she will keep slowly cheaning till they and the good ones are all gone, im not sure if thats why he attacked her and kept it up so i had to take her out before he killed her it was that bad, he is really good very gentle when fanning the eggs never eats any good ones either. would it be ok to leave just him with the eggs after they are fetalized ?
  5. would like to use natural products if possible
  6. What to feed to get the biggest fish possible ? when should you stop feeding growth food to young guppys ? what age do you cull at ? or do you wait for them to mature then cull ? (culling the ones you dont want to bred with i mean)
  7. im going to do it i think he has to go hes not stressed but hes not normal
  8. he doesnt eat and he doesnt swim just sits/lies on side all the time he hardly moves i always look to see if hes alive, i want to kill him at its not normal but my parnter said noooo. who votes that i should do it ?
  9. this fish has always been a bit odd it is quite sulky so the other angels eventualy started to make it stay in one corner of the tank. so i moved him to a tank with other fish that dont bother him but he likes to lie on it side and hide in the tank under and in plants but sometimes it will come in the open and lie down covering its face with a leaf, sometimes it will lie for a while there so i think its dead and then touch it but it swims off and swims normaly near bottom of tank and hides again. i have seen it swiming slownly and more normal like the other fish, around early in the morning when its quite dark but it doesnt all the time. any idears on what it could be ? if not hes just a strange depressed angel fish.
  10. i got some guppies and one of the females had a blob out the back end as you say, i was worried as she was heavily pregnant but she had her babies fine and seems happy the other fish dont pick on her and it has not got better or worse so will just watch her .
  11. i have just wondering if wet newspaper is ok as i received some plants in it and i know that the ink is toxic to birds and i assume fish would be quite sensative to toxic things. so i have not put them in tank just in a bucket soaking plants were stargrass, java moss and fern.
  12. hello i have tank at 28 d but fish have ich so was wanting to increase to 30 is this a good or bad idea ? i have other fish in the tank albino bristlenose & 2 guppies, the discus have the ich i think i may have given it to them feeding them mosquito larva from the pond......................
  13. hyjinx


    once had a blue oranda :nfs: but it got dropsey and was at pincone stage but not full blown, as a last shot a put it in a bowl and treated it with teatree oil in the water for about a week and it went away ! i could not belive it :bounce: :thup: but dag nab nobby nabit my lovely cat &c:ry got it a few monthes later .......... :digH:
  14. is there anything that this could be ? outside it looks healthy colour not fiped fins or fungus growing etc it diddnt look very happy lastnight i thoght it might have found it dead this morning as lastnight it was clamping fins/tail 1/4 - 1/2 way down and was looking like it was geting unbalanced but i turned the light off early and it seemed to like that and looks happer this morning but still the gills are going the other discus that came from the same tank looks completely normal ive had them since sunday night, they are not fighting with each other but its tank buddy lkes my bigest discus and they seem to like eachother so hangout, they are funny fish the ones that i got from the same place eg the 3 baby blue d will scrap between each other, the 3 super reds one is a loner but hangs with the other babies and thinks its the boss of that lot but its not the other 3 smaller red baies also bicker between themselves but seem quite happy. they are all quite shy but are getting food but not as often as id like the water is in good condition so i dont think thats the prob w the ill one.
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