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  1. With EI dosing all nuitrents should be in excess including po4 so the plants should out compete the algea. It is normal/healthy to have algea in any tank. Get a good clean up crew small black line algea eaters and ottos. Looking at what you are doing id look into the flow rate in the tank for the slime algea. If you have alot of BBA id look at ph swings doesnt take much to get it out of control. Do you run a controler ? And light hours i found t5s more than strong enough and did always have to run less hours then was recamended. What kelvin rating are your bulbs? Dont water change to much you will loss to many good baiteria that will help the battle stick to 50% weekly.
  2. dbden

    My new 430lt tank

    Is this Robs old tank ?
  3. dbden

    RO-DI Unit costs?

    Hope there good units as i just brought one. Know someone else with one and they recommended this one to me getting about 4 tds. But with an extra di cartridge you should get 0 tds. I also support buying local products as well and fish shops If it wasnt for these shops we wouldnt have the hobby
  4. Im also at the same stage of setting up from what im aware. Put your skimmer in a tank or container. Add dry rock and salt water. Plenty of water movment from power heads also add heater. Leave for about 6-8 weeks to cycle. This will mini cycle again when lights and live rock are added put will speed up the process of having a bare tank. Correct me if im wrong new to the dark side. :dunno:
  5. About $100 from memory but its enough to last you years though.
  6. Stoker hydroponics have all you will need also a aquatic trace mix. Think there is a link for them here on the post some where.
  7. Try this dosing method i went from valrays ferts to this and had outstanding results. http://www.barrreport.com/showthread.php/2819-EI-light-for-those-less-techy-folks http://www.aquaticplantcentral.com/forumapc/fertilizing/15225-estimative-index-dosing-guide.html
  8. dbden

    Iron sand?

    Beware of iron sand and filters dont mix well. :facepalm:
  9. Tank looks realy good do you have any updates for us ?
  10. If you think its the line from the house to the road on the next storm yank it down with the broom and it will be replaced for free
  11. I also didnt have much luck germinating these only 1 poped up out of 100 odd seeds have had alot more pups from around the base of the parent plants. Still waiting on a red if any going :cofn:
  12. I was getting ferts off valray to but did a bit of research and i now find that dry ferts is allot easier that way you have allot more control of what is going on in the water column. Have found and a few others that stocker hydroponics in Cambridge do a great aquatic trace mix. I add 1.5tsp KNO3, .5 tsp KH2PO4, .5 Aquatic trace mix every mon,wed,fri 50% water change every sun with 2 Tbsp MgSO4. This is for 650ltrs with a 8 hr photo period of 4 t5s 2 t8s. you will need to add more with MH running. Its get it very close to what jen has mentioned. The planted tank has a good index for dry dosing.
  13. Time to fill yet ? Really want to see how this light goes for you. Have you done your home work on fertilizing yet would highly recommend going for EI dosing have had amazing results and the cheapest fert programme I've come across. The biggest thing really is having a routine and sticking to it. :spop:
  14. Hay mate tank is looking realy great doing a good job keep it up. :thup:
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