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  1. hiya, just thinking of making some oamaru stone sculptures of the lost city of alantis to put in a tank. how ever being that its limestone i expect it to rise the ph. but to what? i curretly have ph of 7.2 and i put some tank water iton a glass and placed in some stone the ph is currently 7.6 24 hrs later. also i have 5 tanks two main types of fish bettas in 3 and guppys in 1 what ph do they like/enjoy? cheers
  2. OK, cool thankyou. The water doesn't seem as cloudy today but will do another water change to try to get the ammonia level down to 0 again. Good news is our fish don't seem to be affected by it at all. I was so worried it was going to get worse! Thank you again for the advise
  3. Hi everyone, We have a 100L tank, that's been going for 6 months, after the initial set up and cycling all levels have pretty much been at zero, although lately we've been a bit slack on checking the levels :oops: , but we do a 25 - 50% water change weekly. It has 5 guppy's, 3 platy's and 2 BN's in it, plus about 10 baby platy's. We did a 50% water change today, didn't do anything different, everything was looking fine, went to work, came home and the water's cloudy! We then did some tests, Nitrate is 5, Nitrite 0, pH 7 and Ammonia 0.5 (after the 50% water change!). We have a bio ball (which we changed last week) and ceramic noodles in an Aqua Clear HOB. All the fish have been in there for atleast 2 months now and they don't seem to be affected by it. What could this cloudyness be, and how can we fix it? We also have bog wood in the tank (again, it has been in there pretty much since we set up the tank) if that could cause anything? :-? Also we have 4 other tanks that we also did a water change with today, and they are all fine. Is that enough info? :oops: :lol: Thanks for any help on this
  4. We'v had a pink and a blue betta with neons, and all the neons went after their tails, so don't just wory if the neons will be all right. It all depends on the fish though, we have a red and blue betta in with neons at the mo, and he's doing fine
  5. Knight

    "wild plants"

    water cress Maybe??
  6. What about black Sand from New Plymoth lot of iron in it tho
  7. OK, we just bought 2 bronze corys, i watched them in the tank and they all seemed healthy and happy, got them home and started conditioning them to the tank (adding water from our tank to their bag), I've now just noticed that they both have white, kinda fluffy spots on their tail, does this sound like fin rot? Is fin rot contagious? We wanted to put them into our 10G tank with our male Betta, but if it's contagious, no way! We just set up 2 10ishG tanks on monday and added "Cycle" today, would they be able to cope with a new setup? And if they can would it be safe to add them to one of the newly set up tanks today? I don't want to take them back coz i'v already created a bond with them! They're so cute!
  8. Oh I see now!He really does, it's kinda above his head a?
  9. Well, on those conclusions we have renamed Athena to Ares, put a tank divider into the 15G and are keeping "Ares" on one side and the now 2 girls on the other....... we also bought 2 tanks off trademe about an hour ago, I think they're both about 10G.... we will have 5 tanks!!!!! :oops: We just gotta figure out where we're gona put the new ones now..... hopefully we wont blow a fuse! OK so here's a Q on stocking.... We have a 22G, 15G, and soon to be 3 10G, we have 2 male Bettas, 2 Female Bettas, 5 Platys, 1 Guppy (gona buy more when we're sure we have no more white spot...hopefully), 4 black Neons, 8 Neons and 2 BN's. How do you guys think we should set them up? We want to keep the Neons seperate from the Bettas, because they started to nip Zeus's fins, Faffy (the larger BN) will stay in the 22G and Brustle (the smaller BN) will go into the 15G. And what is the smallest algae eater that we can get to keep the 10G's clen.... 1 of the 10G we are thinking of using to breed the Bettas in . We don't want to over stock any of the tanks and want to get the stocking levels right and put every one in a tank with good companions!
  10. Knight

    Snails and plants

    We had 2 Apple snails once, Gary and Matilda, We bought a hole heap of plants that filled our tank pretty much completely..... a week later we had no plants left and have been left with millions of babies (we had to take them back coz we wanted a planted aquirium). Heres a pic of Gary....he was a great snail! Lotsa character, he would crawl over to a plant near the bubble wall and "jump" into the bubbles, then float around the tank! It was halarious to watch! Just remembered, we went to oz for a week (after they had eaten all our plants) and left them to munch on an entire lettuce..... they were on the last leaf when we got home! Little piggys!
  11. Your Betta looks exactly like ours! Although your picture is better than ours and shows the colour in his tail, we have a pic of him in our post about Betta females, you can't see the red in his tail though, but he does have it! Maybe they're brothers! :lol:
  12. Knight

    green anemone???

    Just wanted to say your babies look so cute and congrats! do you have any tricks to breeding them? My partner and I are thinking about breeding some too, we're trying to figure out males from females at the mo in another post
  13. I just googled crowntail Bettas, They all seem to have longer fins than athena, but I'd say athena is kinda young, they're all about 3cm in body length. When we bought these 3, they were advertised as females, this was a couple of weeks ago,the lady said to watch for signs (flaring up at each other) to see if they are males. They all seem to do it though, but they were all in the same tank when we bought them, so figured they couldn't be males.....but now athena's building a buuble nest.... I wish they came with tags when they were born to tell you if they were male or female!
  14. This is Hera....she also has a hump on her side
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